A must-have guide to password managers

Picking the right password manager is crucial for your business, if you pick the wrong one you could be putting the future of your business and all of its data at risk.

This guide is outlining the most important features a password manager has, and tips on how to pick the best one for you.

What is a password manager?

A password manager is a computer program made to make your life easier. It allows its users to store, manage and generate their passwords with added security and extra features, to improve the speed of access to sites and services, it helps to prevent future attacks and to improve the overall quality of a business. Many team members need to remember a lot of passwords for different logins, and this doesn’t mean just at work. They fall back on the same, weak passwords for each login that attackers exploit, putting your business at risk. With a password manager, there are many different features offered, and they offer an alternative and more secure way of handling all of the passwords needed.

Trusted Security

This feature is really important as it protects all of your valuable, private information. Many team members in your organization will be using the same weak passwords for multiple logins. This is constantly putting the security of your business and all of its data at risk of future attacks. Having a trusted security feature can reassure you that your data is being protected with end-to-end encryption before it ever leaves your device. Some password managers prioritize security over anything else and will therefore set up extra security features. For example, LastPass has multifactor authentication which requires a second login step before authorizing access to your vault.

When picking a password manager that is right for you, security should be one of the top features you look at. Without it, you could be leaving your business open for an attack. LastPass and Bitwarden are two examples of a password manager that put security first.


This feature may not be a priority for every business, but for saving time, this feature is great. There are just some passwords that you can’t remember, and it can be so frustrating when trying to log in to a service you urgently need to use. With the auto-login feature, once you save a password you will always have it when you need it, making logging in super fast and easy. This is also an amazing feature if you are always changing your passwords because you keep on forgetting them, this saves so much time and it is a must-have feature for efficiency. There is no need to struggle when logging into a software anymore!

Generate strong passwords

Getting a password manager that will generate a stronger password will ensure that the chances of getting hacked are minimal. The built-in generator will suggest long, complex, and random passwords, taking the pressure off you and your team to come up with a strong password yourself. You can have trust that this feature will help to protect you from future attacks, and paired with the auto-login feature, you don’t have to worry about remembering what that random password is!

This feature is used by many, to reduce the risk of an attacker guessing the password to an important software or account. Finding a password manager that offers this as a feature, will be very beneficial to your business and also, your personal life.

Auto-fill browser extensions

Many available password managers, offer this feature. This is an incredible feature, saving you lots of time filling in forms. In just one click, your personal or payment details will be entered into the relevant fields safely and securely. Meaning that there is no need to fill out each field individually! Although this feature may not seem as essential as some of the others outlined, it is a great one to have. It saves you so much time and it means that all of the information inputted into the forms is accurate, leaving no room for errors.

Although this feature does not help to stop attacks or hackers, it is great at filling out forms quickly and correctly. Just think how much time you could save every day.

How to know what is right for you

There are so many different password managers to pick from, but the perfect one for you is out there! Before you start looking at the different options available, think about what the most important features are to you. In this guide, a few have been outlined that many people find the most helpful and effective, this doesn’t mean that they are right for you and your business. There are multiple different features offered, so if you know your priorities then you should be able to find the perfect fit!

Think about the people in your organization, what do they struggle with? What would they want in a password manager? It is helpful to think of everyone’s needs so that you are not missing anything important. Do the other users usually struggle with remembering their passwords? Then the auto-login feature should be a priority, or if they spend a lot of time filling out forms then maybe it is best to focus on the auto-fill feature.

Try and not get overwhelmed by all of the available choices, as the perfect fit is out there for you. A password manager may not be needed for your business, but it is always best to see if improvements can be made, especially to your security.

If you have any queries or want any more help and information on what the best password manager is for you and your business, then get in touch today! One of our friendly and helpful team members will be delighted to help you through the process!

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