Windows 11 Leaked!

The next version of Windows has recently been leaked online, here’s what we know so far.

Screenshots and videos of the new Windows 11 have been leaked on Twitter by Tom Warren which show a new design, taskbar, start menu and widgets, as well as the new start-up sound.

Microsoft announced that an event called “What’s next” was scheduled for June 24th at 11 am to announce something new and exciting. It wasn’t long before leaks appeared online, showing screenshots and short videos of the new Windows 11.

So what can you expect from Windows 11?

At first look, many users are unhappy that it looks like an updated version of Windows 10, rather than a completely new software. And Microsoft has been accused of copying Apple’s design which has left many customers furious. But are people jumping to conclusions? Or have Microsoft really taken a bite of the apple?

Not all of the new features have been leaked, but the ones that have were shown through screenshots and videos from Tom Warren on Twitter.

Soft edges and rounded corners have been introduced into the new software, giving the interface a cleaner look. Microsoft has stuck to the sharp corner design whilst their competitors have upgraded to the soft corners, so it is about time Microsoft changed up their design, but have they copied Apple with this update?

Soft edges and rounded corners on Windows 11. Desktop screen with blue background.
Soft edges and rounded corners can be seen with Windows 11

There have been updates to the Start Menu. The taskbar has been made central, although you can move it to the left-hand side of the screen if you wish to change it. The start menu now does not have any tiles, making it look clean and sleek, removing the unnecessary bulk we have seen previously. You can pin apps to the top bar for easy access, making it quick and easy to reach your most used apps which is a handy feature to have on any device.

Task bar and start menu has been made central. Desktop screen and blue background
The new central start menu and task bar

A new icon has been noticed on the Windows 11 taskbar which can be seen as “Widgets” as this is an early version it is unclear what this definitely means however, in the screenshots it is easy to identify Windows Widgets which have been rumoured to be coming back. Due to this being a very early release, the widgets haven’t completely loaded but you can identify Weather and Top News stories which is very quick access if you are wanting this type of information. This feature has been used previously on Windows but was removed and is supposedly making a comeback. There will be more information about this coming in the official announcement.

Windows 11 has included a handy feature which you can access on your minimise button in your apps. This is known as a ‘snap control’ where you can arrange the apps on your desktop in the order and design that you want. The ‘snap’ has always been available on Windows, however it has never been this easy. You have plenty of options to chose from making your screen experience more personal.

About category on settings. Desktop screen with blue background
About category on Settings

What are people saying about the update?

Although the full version is unknown, users have already formed their opinions. Microsoft has been accused of copying Apple which has made some customers furious. The soft corner design looks a lot like apple, but have Microsoft really copied the, or are they just trying to keep their interface looking clean and neat?

Amongst the negative comments, there are also some people who are really looking forward to the full announcement and love the features that have been leaked already. The features that we have seen already are guaranteed to save you some time, and better things are most likely still to come.

As this has only been recently leaked, you can expect that Microsoft are still going to release some great updates on the official announcement which is scheduled for the 24th of June at 11am.

If you are interested in Windows 11 then get in touch today to possibly get a free upgrade from windows 7 to windows 11.

More to come on this story when the official announcement has been made.

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  1. Nice article. While the first general release of Windows 11 will include features like a more streamlined, Mac-like design, an updated Start menu, new multitasking tools, and integrated Microsoft Teams, it will not include one of the most anticipated updates: support for Android mobile apps in its new app store. Microsoft also didn’t offer a date for when Android apps would be available either, other than saying that they would roll out in a test “over the coming months,” according to the post. Keep up the good work.

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