What is the Dark Web/Dark net?


You may not have heard of the dark web/dark net. But chances are, your personal information is already there waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. A recent study by RAND Corporation found that over 75% of personal data that’s breached in a data hack ends up being sold on the dark web/dark Net at some point. This means that personal information like:

  • email addresses
  • physical addresses
  • payment card details

could all be floating around on the dark web for just £1-£20 each. And if you’re a business owner, with employees using your tech, well then—the odds are even higher. An average business will have about 5 times more risks than an individual. The potential costs from just one breach can easily run into millions of pounds. In our free dark web scan, we’ll reveal how dark web monitoring works and how it can protect you against hackers and cyber threats every step of the way.

What information is available on the Dark Web/dark Net?

While it is often thought of as a place where people can buy illegal drugs, it’s a lot more than that.

The dark web/Dark Net is used to hack into websites and steal information. It’s also used by criminals to carry out scams and frauds. And sometimes, it’s even used by law enforcement agencies to catch criminals!

But what kind of information can you find? Here we’ll go through some examples:
Credit cards, passports, drugs, email addresses including passwords, Netflix accounts, Spotify accounts, illegal documents and much more


With the right monitoring tool and a bit of due diligence on your part, you can make sure that any information stolen is recovered before it can be used to commit fraud against your company or customers. Book a FREE dark web scan for you and your business emails today. www.proactiveitled.com/bookings visit our Facebook page to read our 4-part series on the Dark Web.
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